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Our pharmacy is stocked with everything from flea and tick preventatives to antibiotics and pain management drugs for use while your friend is in our care. And best of all, the Parkland Animal Clinic hospital pharmacy features the added assurance and guidance that comes with a trained veterinary staff. We'll always be happy to answer your questions, because we know our pharmacy supply from top to bottom.

Our doctors pay close attention to each medication we stock, ensuring that you'll only find quality products at use and available for prescription at our clinic.
Getting your pet's necessary supplies is easy at Parkland Animal Clinic. Whether a high-potency treatment is needed to keep your companion at ease during surgery or a just simple heartworm preventative is due for the season, our knowledgeable veterinarian and staff can supply just what your friend needs to feel their best.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about in-store at Parkland Animal Clinic.

Additionally, you can visit our online pharmacy by using the link below.

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pet pharmacy

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