Dr. Sands

Dr. Jeffrey Sands DVM

Dr. Jeffrey Sands DVM

My burning desire to become a veterinarian took me to the Philippines to earn my Veterinary Degree in 1982. My dreams to become a veterinarian started when I was very young. It is the essence of who I am. My passion to care for animals is as strong as ever, even after 30 years of practice. I love what I do, and it’s why I do it.

I opened Parkland Animal Clinic & Big Bear Pet Lodge for a reason. I wanted to continue to make a difference. Treating pets like family who’s needs are as different as yours and mine.
It is my belief is that every pet deserves to be treated and cared for that way.

I have 2 sons, Zachary and Mason. I have lived in Parkland since 2000.

Providing the very best in veterinary care, and the ability to establish innovated programs.


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